Who at Your Business Should Have Keys?

When you are a business owner, you have many different responsibilities, including who has access to your buildings. Those with keys to access your property should be the most trusted because this comes with a lot of responsibility. Being a keyholder is an important role, and as your favorite local locksmith, we will walk through some of your options and some things to consider when choosing key control.

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Getting keys for other vital individuals at your business is very important so that you don’t have to worry about a commercial locksmith if you get locked out. However, if that does happen, call us at 24/7 Locksmith LLC, and we will gladly help you. We service autoresidential, and commercial properties.

Benefits of Keyholders

One of the main reasons it is important to have a keyholder (or multiple) is because they provide the extra level of security you are looking for in your business. The benefit of having a designated person like this is that these are the people who will respond during emergencies. When you have designated keyholders, you immediately keep your property safer.

These types of personnel are typically trained to help in these specific instances, and they provide reliable service when you need it most. Having these people in place makes your life much more convenient and takes some stress off your plate.

Key Holder Candidates

While the benefits of having extra keyholders are nice, they still come with some inherent risks. Keyholders should embody the following traits:


Your ability to be able to rely on this person is paramount. It helps if you choose someone who is very responsible and organized because this person will have control of a key part of your business.


Having an extra key only really matters if the person is around to use it. They must be alert, attentive, and ready to help at the last minute. This position involves many risks, so give your keys to someone you know won’t let you down.

Try giving a spare to the boss (if someone other than yourself), managers, openers/closers, emergency contacts, and more. This is your business, and you should always feel that it is in the very best hands possible.

Key Holder’s Role

Someone who has a key to your business will have several main responsibilities. These can include:

  • Opening and closing your building at the start and end of the day, respectively.
  • Keeping the building locked and safe – this can include alarm systems as well.
  • Serve as an emergency contact. As mentioned above, they should be someone you can trust to show up in the event that they’re needed.

Keyholders are in charge of guarding their key very closely – if the key ends up in the wrong hands, that could mean some serious trouble.

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