When Should You Change Your Locks?

In this article, 24/7 Locksmith – with a location in Lexington, Kentucky (KY) – are here to provide you with information about the different situations that could cause you to need to change your locks.

Lock changes are not commonly performed, but they do need to occur after certain events. Here are some of the situations for which you should get new locks and keys.

One situation where it is best to change your locks is when you misplace your keys. This is a safety precaution, as there is no telling who may find your keys and gain access to your home. Even if a seemingly good Samaritan returns them to you, there is a chance that they secretly made copies beforehand. To eliminate any chance that the security of your home will be breached, you should change your locks as soon as possible. This is recommended in all cases where your lose possession of your keys, like if they are stolen.

Locks also should be changed whenever you move into a new residence. While you are handed keys when you sign the legal agreement, there is no way of knowing the number of copies that previous owners have kept. Make sure you have the only set of working keys so that the former tenants cannot just walk through the door.

If you are going through a rough divorce or breakup, changing the locks can prevent any misconduct from occurring. During this unfortunate circumstance, it is possible that the individual may attempt to reenter your home. When emotions are running high, he or she may not be thinking clearly and may act irrationally. It is very common for ex-partners to try to reclaim some of their belongings when they know that no one is in the house. They may also plan to vandalize the property or cause you harm. Simply taking away their keys is not enough, as they can have copies hidden away. Getting new locks will ensure that certain persons are kept out, so that your home is left intact and you remain unscathed. This can be necessary after heated disputes between roommates, as well.

Home burglary is another instance when you should switch the locks. While it is unlikely that spare keys were stolen, the bigger concern is that your existing locks were damaged in the process. Experiencing a break-in alerts you to a glaring issue in your home defense system. To strengthen the security of your abode, you should immediately call your local locksmith.

Locks are not immune from sustaining damage. Overtime they will eventually be rendered ineffective and become a liability issue. It would be terrible to leave your home vulnerable due to the lack of functioning locks. While you may not go through the aforementioned situations, it is a good idea to upgrade to new locks every so often.

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