Quick Car Unlocks 24/7 When You’re in a Hurry near Lexington, KY

We’ve all had it happen. You’re in a hurry, you have somewhere to be, and you go to your car to realize you’re locked out. When you’re locked out of your car, no matter what time of day, you often go through something akin to the five stages of grief. If you’re prepared for all situations with these tips from 24/7 Locksmith, you can calmly make it through those stages to get quick car unlock service.
1. Denial – This phase of realizing you’re locked out of your car is pretty self-explanatory. Out of stress and panic, you might find yourself in denial that you can’t get into your car. This is the time where you might be digging through your purse or checking every single pocket to make sure you can’t find your car keys somewhere. You may even pull on your door handle a couple of times for good measure, hoping that the door will magically open. Spending too much time in this phase can keep you from taking steps that will get you closer to a car unlock. If you are prone to panicking, take a deep breath, confirm that you don’t have your keys on you, and move on.
2. Anger – This phase might come after you’ve yanked on your unyielding car door. Maybe you kick a tire or shout some profanities to let the anger out. However, if you are truly in a hurry, it is best to find a way to skip this phase. Again, taking another deep breath can keep panic, stress, and anger at bay.
3. Bargaining/Depression – You might find yourself wishing your situation was different or wondering why this happened when you are in such a hurry. However, you can switch this phase to a different kind of bargaining. If you have friends or family who can give you a ride, and you really need to get where you are going, putting off your dilemma until later might be a possibility. Similarly, if a family member has a key to your car, you might be able to bargain with them to come unlock your vehicle, even though they might not be too keen to do it 24/7.
4. Acceptance – Once you accept the realization that you are truly locked out of your car, then you can move on to finding a solution. If it is late at night or early in the evening, having a family member or friend come get you or come unlock your car might not be the most practical option. For 24/7 car unlock service, you are better off giving 24/7 Locksmith a call. With lock and key services for central Kentucky, we will have you on your way in no time.
Located in Lexington, Kentucky, we serve the central Kentucky area including Nicholasville, Winchester, and Richmond. In addition to 24/7 car unlock service, we offer residential and commercial solutions including car key replacement, home rekeying, lock changes, and safes. Whether you need a new key or are installing full lock systems for your new business, contact 24/7 Locksmith today.