Avoiding Lockouts During Summer Activities near Lexington, KY

Summer is a busy season for most of us, with family, friends, and kids running in and out of the house. With such a flurry of activity, it can be pretty easy to lose track of keys and accidentally lock yourself out of the home. If you find yourself locked out, relax and call 24/7 Locksmith for a fast and easy fix. However, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you and your family avoid lockouts during summer activities.

Have Spare Keys on Hand

During the summer, your family members might be in and out of the house at various times and on different schedules. For example, one member might be going to work, another might be taking a young child to the park, and another member might be dashing out of the house to go for a run. With such different schedules, each member of the family not only needs to have their own key, but they could also benefit from extra keys that they can leave with the equipment they know they’ll grab before dashing out the door. The person going to work will most likely grab his or her usual set of keys as they follow their usual routine for their commute. However, the individual going for a run might assume others are home and just run out the door. Having a spare key in a pocket sewn into the side of a running shoe for instance can help prevent accidental lockouts. Similarly, keeping a key with sports equipment, strollers, or diaper bags can be equally helpful.

Create a Routine or a Chart

Keeping a spare key with something you’ll need in order to leave hints at another approach to preventing lockouts: creating a routine. We all have a small checklist in our heads to help keep us organized when we need to go somewhere. By including picking up keys at the same point in your routine each day, you can help minimize the chance that you’ll forget. This also requires you to include returning the keys to their set spot each time you get back home. Similarly, if you have a lot of individuals in your household who may be coming or going at various times during the day, you can keep a chart in a visible place for individuals to track when they are home or not. If each member of the household has their own house key, they could be kept with this chart as well.

Have an Emergency List

While we can take precautions and create routines, we are all human and will make a few mistakes throughout our lives. No matter how careful you are, you will most likely lock yourself out of your car or house at some point in your life. By preparing an emergency list, you can be prepared for these situations and help minimize the panic you might feel otherwise. When creating your emergency list, you should include ways to contact other family members who have keys such as work and cell phone numbers. If any friends have spare keys, you can include their numbers as well. Finally, you should have the number a reliable locksmith like 24/7 Locksmith. Once you’ve created your list, you should make multiple copies and place them in safe areas outside of your home or vehicle. For instance, you might tape a copy to the inside of your mailbox, under a welcome mat, or under the trunk handle of your car.
Whether you need commercial or residential services such as rekeying, hardware, safes, or emergency unlocks, you can contact 24/7 Locksmith for quality assistance in Central Kentucky.