3 Situations Where You Need a Residential Re-Key Service

We all encounter times when we need to reassess our home’s security, which is why 24/7 Locksmith—conveniently based out of Lexington, Kentucky (KY)—is here to tell you about three common situations where you may require a professional residential re-key service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Re-keying locks is an alternative to a full replacement. If the lock is in good condition, you can simply have it re-keyed. This option involves exchanging the tumblers of a lock cylinder with different sized tumblers. Now the only key that can unlock the doors is one that matches the new tumblers, thus making all the previous keys obsolete. Compared to a full lock replacement, this is a less expensive solution and can be easily performed by a residential re-key service. There are many instances that could result in your home needing to be re-keyed.

One circumstance that calls for re-keying is when you move into a home that was previously lived-in. The previous homeowners could have given copies of their keys to an assortment of people they know, or they could have a copy still in their possession. It is impossible to know the number of keys out there, so it is best to not take any chances. For absolute certainty that you and family are the only ones with right of entry, re-key your home immediately after moving.

If you have purchased a new construction house, it may not be as secure as you believe. While you do not have to worry about any previous tenants having keys to the place, there can still be individuals who have access. Communities built by a sole builder are known to use a common master key for all the homes or key the locks to the entire neighborhood alike. This allows the builders to have easier entry to all the residences, but it can put your safety at risk. Your builder may have also had to lend it to someone else. During the construction process, there is no telling how many people were given a copy of your keys. From construction workers, to subcontractors or a home inspector, to eliminate any concerns you should rekey your locks so your home has a unique combination. Re-keying will remove the master pins, so no other key can operate the locks.

Re-keying is also necessary when you have lost your keys. There are two safety concerns in this situation. One fear is that instead of simply losing track of the keys, they may have been stolen from you. Another issue is that a criminal could have taken a picture of the keys when they were not in your ownership. The wrongdoer could then use the image to later create a copy to unlock your doors. So even if you do eventually locate and recover your keys, the security of your home could have already been comprised. Unless you know for a fact that you misplaced your keys in your home, you should have your locks re-keyed.

For residential re-key service in the Lexington area, 24/7 Locksmith is the most reliable choice. We are available around the clock to help you with your lock troubles. We offer a variety of services including unlocking your home or vehicle, lock hardware upgrades, as well as re-keying and lock changes. You can rest assured that we will provide prompt service at an affordable rate. We are located in Lexington, KY to proudly serve the surrounding area. Call us today to receive a free estimate.