3 Situations to Rekey Locks in Lexington, KY

In this article, 24/7 Locksmith – proudly serving Lexington, Kentucky (KY) and the surrounding area – is here to list 3 situations to rekey locks. Contact us today for any of your locksmith needs!

Rekeying locks is an affordable alternative to entirely replacing the locks of your home. A locksmith takes out the springs and pins in the cylinder of the lock and replaces them with a new set. The new pins and springs require a different set of working keys, thus making any existing keys obsolete. Unless the locks are broken or you wish to upgrade the style, many locks are capable of being kept in service with improved operating abilities after being rekeyed. Rekeying is commonly done following the transfer of possession for a property. Contact 24/7 Locksmith today to learn more about 3 situations where you should rekey your locks in Lexington, KY.

Rekeying locks is a smart idea when moving into a new house. This includes when you are moving into a brand-new home, as well. You have no idea of who was given a set of keys to your home prior to you. Even when you are the first owner of a place, you still should have the locks rekeyed. In communities that are built by a single builder, they tend to use locks that are construction master keyed. Once the key of the homeowner has been used it can stop the use of the contractor’s key in the future. However, in many cases the master pins are left within the lock. Rekeying the locks removes the master pins, so you do not have to worry about anyone else operating the locks.

You should also have your locks rekeyed after you have lost your keys or they have been stolen. If your keys have been misplaced, there is no telling who has them now. The person now in control of them can now gain access to your home. Rekeying locks ensures that the keys you cannot find do not work anymore. It no longer matters what happened to the keys as they no longer can be used to gain access to your property. This is a preventative measure that gives you absolute certainty that your residence remains secure and the safety of your loved ones is not compromised.

Another circumstance that calls for rekeying is when you have a roommate move out. Once your former roommate has removed all of their belongings from the residence, you need to change the locks. They may not give you all of the copies they made of the keys or have given some to their friends and family. It is best to eliminate the possibility of a stranger attempting to get into your home, so make sure to rekey the locks.

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